$10     -    Special Thanks/Newsletter


$25     -    Signed DVD


$50     -    Signed Box Set


$100   -    Special Thanks Credit (on YT)


$250   -    Signed Script/Facebook Shoutout


$500   -    Movie Poster/YouTube Shoutout


$1000 -    Funded By Credit & T-Shirt


$5000 -    Producer Credit & Skype Call with Production Team & 10 Extra DVD’s


$10000 –  Speaking Role in film



We need your help to make our next movie a reality.  For the past five years, the production team has refined the script, made schedules, and highly detailed budgets.  We have looked at every possible way of producing "Leap: Revelation" as quickly as possible and for as little money as possible.  What it comes down to is this: The movie needs to be shoot within a window of time, not spread out over many weekends like we have done in the past.  To do that, we need to be able to pay our cast so that we can attract people that can act, as well as ensure that they make the commitment and show up.

Along with props, some wardrobe, and makeup, we have pushed the cost of making this film down to $22000 dollars.  This is not a lot by any means for a film such as this, but it is what we need to be able to do this production.  Everyone is always asking, "When is Leap 3 coming out?", and we have to keep telling them that it's a matter of funding at this point.  Our budget dictates where every penny will go, every scene in the film has been scheduled, and the script is ready for filming.

Over the past five years, we have been blessed with new film production equipment, support rigs, and an ever expanding skillset that will allow us to now execute this film.  But where to get funding?  These days, a website called Kickstarter is all the rage.  We've tried this before too.  People can pledge money that the artist will receive as long as the "goal" amount is pledged.  In exchange, the supporters get some cool things like a DVD, or their name in the credits.  There is a drawback to this system though: If the needed amount is not pledged, the artist receives nothing.

We don't know how long it will take to fund "Leap: Revelation", so we are currently hosting our own version of Kickstarter.  Our supporters can donate to the film and still get the cool perks, but without a time limit.  We have figured out that we can begin production once we have raised half of our goal.  That's $11,000 dollars and that will allow us to secure the actors and begin production on this film.